Monday, August 30, 2004

Eight place in Sunday's Monty Memorial--thanks and congrats, Iggy. This was the first final table I've seen (though briefly) since this spring. And it's funny that I should have gotten there, because on Saturday, after another in a string of bad NL finishes, I decided to swear off NL tourneys for the foreseeable future. So this was my last hurrah for a while.

Of course, the difference might have been the players, who were actually paying attention to the game, not pushing all-in at the drop of a hat. Very different from the Prima rebuys I've been trying to win the last month, with nothing to show for it.

Anyway, it rejuvenated me, but I'm still swearing off the big NL tourneys. The Monty was fun, though, and I played pretty well, got lucky a couple times (of course), and only made one serious mistake, not pushing it in when I was pretty sure my opponent had zip (but a better zip than my 4 6) because I was in 11th place and wanted to make the final table (or at least the dough).

See you at the bad beat tables on Party--170K as of last night. Oh, as Iggy sayeth, the humanity.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Played the Prima 75K on Sunday (barely made it to it, though, with all the housework to be done--not the best way to sit down at a $50 +5) and caught nothing during the first (rebuy) hour. Made one early position move with top pair (9), top kicker, but with a big straight draw apparent on the flop, I got called and then check-raised by the SB, so I had to let it go.

Here's the tournament question: By the end of the firt hour, I was down to 500 chips and did not rebuy. Early in hour 2 I tripled up with AQ. Then I caught AT suited in the BB--folds all the way to the SB, who raised for my whole stack. I had well below the average stack, and I put him on a steal and called, but he showed AQ and I went out. Should I have made the call?

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

One month and no posts. Bad Ed.

Vegas was excellent, though the wife and I spent the middle 36 hours of our 80 hour trip sick as dogs from either some virus on the plane of something we both ate (my vote, ironically, is for the dried apricots I brought as a snack so we wouldn't have to eat every meal out--if they were the culprit, those apricots cost a bit more than they saved). I played a lot (when I wasn't tossing my cookies), came out ahead, but missed in all the tourneys I played. I'll return.

Trying to return to poker blogging as a serious attempt at analyzing my own play, getting down my thoughts in words, I submit the following lessons, learned last night in a Limit qualifier for the WCOOP Event 11. With half the field gone and me at average, I decided I needed to step it up to make the prize (only 1 in 20 paid) and made the following errors.

1. Raised to isolate with JJ: flop came A K rag.I bet out, got raised, reraised to bluff, but got called.Bet out on a rag turn, got raised, folded.Error: Worst place to bluff-reraise. Should have slowed way down with this hand; any caller of the raise would have me beat.

2.Re-Raised with KQ to isolate, got two callers.Bet out on a flop with 2 6s and a rag. Got raised and a call, and I folded to the raise.Error: Should have stayed for one more card (which happened to be my Q), given the size of the pot.

One all-in river suckout later, I was gone.

Looking back, I see these plays as mistakes, but in the tourney, I just either acted too quickly or got caught up in the aggressive persona. My resolve then is to slow down on important bets.

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