Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Ok, so I suck as a blogger. I just can’t keep up my poker recordings, but I do have some final observations for the year, and some poker resolutions to make to myself:

1. I’m done playing the ring games on UltimateBet, despite the enormous deposit match bonus I have coming to me there. I’ll keep some cash there for tournaments on occasion, but the games there just haven’t worked out for me, and the rate of return there is so slow I can’t stand it. (Chances are I’ll blow this resolution eventually, some night when I just want to grind it out for a few hours.)

2. I am done three-tabling online. I don’t do it often, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a winning session three-tabling. I just can’t pay enough attention to make any plays, and more than once I’ve missed times when I should check the turn or river, or raise the river. I don’t understand how folks play three or more tables at once…

3. Take more chances in early and middle stages of big-attendance NL tourneys. Per Felicia, “I tried my to give him the best advice I've ever been given regarding tournament play, and advice I pass on to other "too tight" players. I told him that you have to be willing to "die" in a tournament, in order to win. You have to put your head in that guillotine over and over again, to give yourself any chance of winning the gold. Why play so tightly that you bubble or just barely come into the money tourney after tourney, basically getting your money refunded, when you can make 100x your buy-in, in many cases these days, by putting your tournament life on the line? We all have to do it, don't learn the hard way, like me. You will have to take chances with these structures, so don't blow thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to learn it yourself, when I'm sitting here telling you that it is the truth. The problem that these tight players have, and that I have myself, is knowing WHEN to sacrifice yourself. That is something that cannot be taught, you must gain the experience…” Yes, it’s poker, but in these tourneys it’s also gambling. You have to gamble and take your chances just to make the money.

4. Get back to blogging, when I have something to say. I read with envy the bloggers’ reports of the WBPT, and even though I’m very small blogging potatoes in comparison to my more prolific brethren (and sistren), I still enjoy keeping with their exploits.

5. Don’t’ follow up a losing session with another session. Last night’s losses are still fresh with me. And I know belief in luck is a killer, but I’ve found things do indeed come in streaks. It’s rare that I follow a big losing session with a winner, so I’ll cut that out.

6. Don’t play when I shouldn’t. When shouldn’t I play? When I’m exhausted, burnt out from work, generally grumpy, looking to blow off steam, or when a lot of stuff is going on in the house. The trouble is, at times like this I want to play: I’m verging on self-destructive, and poker is a great way to self-destruct.

7. Play less poker. Yes, play less poker. One thing I’ve come to realize is that when I have had spare time this past year, I have more often than not chosen to spend it playing poker. But there are other things I want to do with my time: paint, play music, write, all of which I have done less than I would like in the last year, despite having an active band and thus a place to immediately play new music. Poker is great, but online it’s so easy to sit down and blow a night playing instead of doing things artistic. Also, by playing less, I hope I can eliminate more of those times when I shouldn’t play, because I’m tired, or restless.

8. Focus more on tournaments when I do play. I’ll never be a true grinder because I just don’t have the hours to invest to make a profit that way. I have a job I like, much of the time, a house, wife and maybe soon a kid, all that. I don’t need another job. Tournaments are more fun, more exciting, and to be honest, that’s where the money is. If I make an extra couple grand grinding over the course of a year (which is not a sure thing, given my limit HE performance of late), that doesn’t matter much to me. But if I can hit a big tourney win or place, or win a land-based seat? Now that would be something. I’ve found the PokerStars rebuys to be good ways to amass tourney dollars that can only be spent on tourneys, but they can be used however you’d like (mostly). They’re partly crapshoots, but my record’s not bad so far.

So that’s my list of poker resolutions. I want to say thanks to the bloggers out there. I’ve enjoyed sharing in your lives, reading your opinions, and playing against you at the WPBT events. I wish peaceful holidays to you, and send wishes for peace and justice around the world.


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