Monday, April 25, 2005

Golly I'm a bad blogger, but I had a blast in last night's blogger tourney. Congrats to Bob.
I busted 29th, taking out Pauly in the first round when my JJ made trips on the turn against his AK (he flopped an A). Played well (reading Harrington's book on NL tourneys) and aggressively, but need to learn to slow down sometimes, not push every hand. Finally busted out with a big reraise in the BB on a rag flop against the SB, and lost KJ to AJ (high cards).

I plan to focus on NL tourneys in my play for now on, with ring games just to make a bit of extra cash.

In the last few months I also recorded a album with my current band, which I plan to pimp a bit on the off chance the bloggers out there want to buy a copy (it's good, really), and I also spent three weeks in Egypt with my wife, which I will report on after I catch up at work....

Good luck in Vegas, Bob!

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