Friday, September 30, 2005

Lots of rough changes going on, and I haven't posted in too long for anyone to admit, but life has a funny way of kicking you in the balls when things get too good. My life is literally falling apart, not because of poker per se, but I also can't say that my tendency to enjoy solitary activities like the game didn't contribute to things. More on this later, maybe. I've got a therapist, and I don't imagine anyone out there wants to be one for me.

I blew through a decent bankroll on Pacific by trying to hit and run at higher level games (15/30, and even 30/60 one foolish evening), and so I've backed down to normal limits, fewer hours, and actually mostly tourneys (30 and 50 SNGs). I've done well with these, and one of my kicks now is seeing how far I can go with a $10 freebie that Empire gave me after a few months of no activity. I played a cheap NL table with the $10, made it $11, played a SNG, finished 2, made it to $30. Played NL with the $30, got it to $55 or so, and played that SNG. Second again, up to $100, then fooled around with that for a while, playing Limit games and SNGs, and I think I'm up to about $450 now (and the original $10 was removed when I didn't meet the hand req).

I think I'm going to Vegas and the desert for a while in December. Maybe get to meet Grubby. Anyone else out there then?
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